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Too true all true fans stick together what ever happens,owners,managers players can come and go us lot stick together🐯🐯#hcafc
Tweeted 3 minutes ago by steveweth1
IF City did this, IF City did that, IF is a very big word, at the end of the day we are just shite, the owners are shite, the head coach is shite and the players are shite.....IF only!! #allamout #hcafc
Tweeted 18 minutes ago by Tigertully
Grant McCann's barmy army 😂😂 #hcafc #McCannOut
Tweeted 28 minutes ago by joel_robin5on
Elder: No time to feel sorry for ourself’s #hcafc | #thetigers
Tweeted 38 minutes ago by officialhulltw
Why blame the Allams for it all? Apart from - spin and lies - alienating thousands of fans - taking us to League 1 - squeezing out all the money - forcing Bruce to quit - no proper fan consultation - talking #bollocks all the time they’ve been great #hcafc #AllamOut
Tweeted 40 minutes ago by Pjohnnners
“It’s all about us. It’s paramount that we get the results we need to stay in the division." #hcafc | #theTigers
Tweeted 49 minutes ago by HullCity
I'm not going to lie, I do like Armand Gnanduillet #hcafc
Tweeted 59 minutes ago by SilentBentos
At times in recent years our great Club has looked half dead. Sometimes three quarters dead. But now manager and players have lost motivation. Ehab will soon set sail for League 1, and with League 2 looming on the horizon we are now close to being 100% dead #hcafc #AllamOut
Tweeted an hour ago by HCAFCTigerlink
His brother McShane didn't want to be left out, so here he is. His character is not at all like his namesake the total legend @pmacca15 #hcafc
Tweeted an hour ago by tigersdave
Our cat #Elmo saw his name trending and was not at all surprised because he's an absolute superstar #hcafc
Tweeted an hour ago by tigersdave

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May 2Cardiff City-1 - -1A
Apr 25Luton Town-1 - -1H
Apr 18Wigan Athletic-1 - -1A
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